Ohio's Best Whitetail Outfitter

These Appalachian hills are home to many well known record producing bucks.
Whitetail Deer

Coyote Hunts

Our heart-pounding Eastern Coyote hunts occur on over 2,000 acres of private hunting land.
Coyote Skins

turkey Hunts

OPTO’s land management and predator control produce over 2,000 acres of excellent wild turkey habitat.
Wild Turkeys

Appalachian foothills

Come with your family during the off-season to experience the good food and well-appointed accommodations.
Mom and child by lake

family fun

The outdoors can change someone’s life. It is just a matter of learning and cherishing it all.
Child on deck

simple luxury

Hospitality staff offers your family a fine dining experience with the feel of homecoming.
Father and baby

eco tourism

Bring your camera, binoculars and your guidebook to local flora and fauna.


We have a number of activities and space for events, such as corporate retreats, weddings, family reunions.

From sunset to starry night skies

Our location is set aside from major population centers and the stars can be brilliant on clear nights so bring a star chart.
Night Stars




Welcome to opto

Here at OPTO, we take our hunting very seriously. It’s not only our passion, it’s our lifestyle. Extensive herd management is a crucial part of our operation, and we have spent thousands of hours patterning our deer herd to ensure the greatest chance for a successful trophy harvest. Our year-round food and mineral sources, and specialized food plots are as good as the very best mother nature provides. That, combined with naturally superior whitetail genetics and our lifetime of knowledge and field experience, allow us to provide world-class whitetail hunting at it’s finest.

We are not like the typical outfitter. We do not pressure the land and we do not look at our game like dollar signs running around. We see ourselves as a community resource and we are committed to conservation. And that attitude is reflected in every lease relationship we have. We have the highest level of respect for the land, whether it belongs to us or not.

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